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The 2013 Recipe Round Up


2013 has come and gone so quickly, and I feel like my life changed so drastically. I met Bryan at the end of 2012, and we started dating on New Years day, and we moved in with one another 7 months later. I went from being a vegetarian, to totally not, to finally getting too busy and never having time for workouts, to getting completely unmotivated and just abandoning everything I worked so hard for in 2012. It’s probably my biggest regret. I put in so many hours, and I spoiled it.

In 2014 I have the opportunity to start over, and I have to. All year I’ve felt so much older than I am (sore knees, winded when walking up to our third story apartment, ALWAYS tired). In 2014, I’m going back to letting nothing get in the way of a workout, and PLANNING. Essentially, I lost track because I never took the time to plan it all out- and when work got busy, and hours got long, I lost out on taking care of myself.

Enough about that stuff, though. I wanted to round up my fave five from 2013. I didn’t have many this year since cooking took a backseat to working and sleeping, but these were some of my faves!

Strawberry_Rhubarb Pinnable


Best Breakfast!

Crunchy Oven Baked Chickpeas



Favorite snack!11 simple ways to save money and eat well on a budgetNot a recipe, but one of my FAVORITE blogs I’ve ever written with awesome tips for shopping.

Simple home made hummusI was a chickpea fangirl this year, huh?

Spinach & Black Bean EnchiladasFrom my 30 short days of vegetarian experimentation.


And for good measure, some others I loved that I WISH I created – not all of them are from this year, but I did discover most of them this year:

Salmon Florentine from SELF Magazine

Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup from Quick Food Recipes.org

Apple Fritters from Healthy Meal Time

Stuffed Baguette – I wish I knew where from!


What were your favorite recipes in 2013? Is there anything you’ll experiment with in the coming year?



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