How to be FEARLESS.



How to be fearless

2013 was the year for me that everything fell right into place. It was this nice balance of dreaming and doing, finding love and new/old friends and being happy and comfortable with everything about myself.

Most things went really well, but I didn’t really fulfill my health goals. I could say it was because I was busy. I could say it was because I was lazy. It was probably a big mix of the two, but I promised myself that I would get things on track in 2014 (total resolution-er). I have to lose exactly 10 pounds to get back to where I started in 2011. Yeesh.

I made a plan for my self that’s yoga and cardio intensive with strength training built in. I mapped out dates, I mapped out a running schedule and distance, and I chose a body focus each week. Every two weeks, the routine gets harder. Every six weeks it changes entirely and flips on its head. (Like, this 6 weeks is yoga intensive with cardio and strength built in – in 6 weeks I’ll focus more on cardio and endurance, and 6 weeks after that, strength will be the new focus).

I’m doing weekly photos like I did last time. Seeing the change was so integral to my progress. You, yourself never see the change for WEEKS, and so it’s frustrating when you see nothing in your mirror, but it’s neat to flip back through photos and see how much you really are changing.

Most of all, I’m going to keep being fearless.

The thing that kept me successful with my first go-around, was that I always talked about everything. I put my feelings, fears, goals, and thoughts out there in the world because I wanted feedback. No matter how embarrassed I felt about how I looked, or my situation, I sought out help from people around me who were willing to give a word, and and encourage me in a way that made me think about what I was doing. There were always people who weren’t encouraging, but those were people who just didn’t get it. It wasn’t for them – it was for me, and they could look away if they felt like it.

Hiding behind a wall made things worse, and got me to a point where I have to start completely over.

Being afraid of someone laughing at you when you tell them how much you really do weigh, or feeling like someone will judge you when you tell them your story is a great reason to stop being fearful. Once people know what you set out to do, unless they’re completely selfish, you have a team of supporters cheering you to your goal, and all you have to do is find the strength, kick fear to the curb, and get there.

That’s how you become fearless. You put yourself out there forgetting about the notion of failure. The moment you take that jump, it’s easy to never look back.


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